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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

LOST Season 4 poster

Close inspection will reveal why there's so much reason to be excited about this season of Lost...

Less than 48 hours now before Lost returns. Only one other television series in my entire life had had me this excited about a new season. Yeah I've never been much of a teevee person at all. It's the story that compels me to watch something. And they don't get any more compelling than Lost has become.

Lisa and I have been watching the Season 3 DVD set for the past several days. Tonight we saw "Greatest Hits", which was this past season's penultimate episode. Now we can either watch "Through the Looking Glass" from the DVD or the special "enhanced version" that ABC will be broadcasting tomorrow night with Pop-up Video-style "factoids" on-screen. Might be worth DVR-ing that one, in case there's some new tidbits of info.