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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fair warning to any other "soul winners" who come to my door

Before you even think of knocking, please know this ...

- "King James Version-Onlyism" is not only bullcrap, it is a doctrine bordering on heresy. I'm not talking about using the King James Version as a personal preference. I use it myself a lot of times. And no doubt always will. But to suggest that I'm a "lost sinner" because my main preference is the New International Version or some other translation is a lie from the pit.

- If you are doing this for your church or your pastor, you've already messed up. You're supposed to be doing it for Christ.

- Yes, I have a "home church". It is a real home church, in every sense of the term. If you believe that a "church" must have a building and a pastor, then you don't understand what church is to begin with. And it's not my problem if you can't comprehend that.

- If you don't even know why you are asking me "Are you saved?" then don't waste your time asking at all. Because I've been around the block enough to know that practically every time I get asked that, it's from someone who doesn't give a flying rat's butt about me or my salvation at all. They just want to know if I'm "of the same mindset" as they are and more to the point they want enjoy having a smug sense of superiority.

- If I tell you a story about Thomas Aquinas, it's only because I want you to think about it and if you understand the gist of it, then I hope you'll take it to heart.

- It's hard for me or anyone else to tell you that we're going to Heaven if it's too obvious that you are not sure if you are going to Heaven to begin with.

- I'm not interested in building up "your church". And I don't want to be bothered by people who are trying to grow a church either. I would much rather be visited by people who are sincerely interested in building the Kingdom of God.

- If you tell me that your church is "fundamentalist", keep on walking. Because you do not want me as a member.

- Understand that you are paying a visit to an irreligious follower of Christ, who is not interested in "religion" at all.

- I can spot the people who are witnessing for the sincerely right reasons a mile away. If that ain't you and you come here with the wrong motive, I will know.

- Realize that you are dealing with a guy who is fed-up with how a lot of Christianity is "playing games" and "putting on a show" more for our own sake than for God's.

Sorry I have to do this folks, but after what happened yesterday here, I'm compelled to post a notice to anyone else who may come a'knockin'. I'm thinking of making a sign of it for my front door too.


Unknown said...

Amen brother. I so hate it when people look at you or treat you like you aren't a good Christian or even a worthy person just because you don't have a certain church to go to. Even certain members of my own so called family have tried to make out that I'm not a good Christian. And yet they can't be bothered to help take care of our Mother. One of them even has slept around for rent or whatever she needed. And yet I'm the bad one? I believe in God's laws. I believe in Christ's teachings. I believe in being loving and caring and doing for others as you would have done to you. Just because I don't go to church every Sunday doesn't mean I'm a bad Christian. I have my own relationship with God. I hate it when people think its wrong unless its the same as theirs. That's just wrong. We all have differnt minds and different relationships.

Anonymous said...

There's a pretty awesome shirt that I, surprisingly, found (and bought) at a local Christian retailer. On the front it says "Christianity Is Not A Religion" and on the back it continues, "Religion is man working to get to God. Christianity is God bringing men and women to Him through a personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ," capped off with John 3:16 in KJV.

It's a conversation starter at afternoon scheduling meetings, that's for sure.