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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Popcorn Sutton out of jail, for now

Marvin Sutton, known far and wide throughout the country (and the world?) as Popcorn Sutton, has been released from jail after posting $20,000 bond, two weeks after a raid by federal revenuers on his moonshine operation in east Tennessee.

I'm assuming that Popcorn has a second home or some other accommodations in Tennessee, because in addition to the bond he also cannot leave the state until at least a hearing next month ... that could send him to jail once more. He also must wear an electronic monitoring bracelet, submit to drug testing (and cannot imbibe of his or anyone else's "likker"), and agree to have his property searched at any time by federal agents.

I'll say again: Popcorn made a bad move by running a still across state lines in Tennessee, when if he had stayed home in Maggie Valley he could have remained in business. The man should have known better. But all the same: it doesn't look like the federal government has anything better to do than harass a legitimate American folk hero, and someone who is keeping alive some of the proudest traditions of Appalachia. It's funny: our government won't do anything serious about millions of illegal invaders, but it does have the will and resources to pursue a regular citizen who's just minding his own business and not hurting anyone else.

More details about the Popcorn Sutton Saga will be posted as they develop ...


Sniper said...

Leave the "Ole Man" alone. He is one of a dying breed. He is a Folk Hero. I have been very fortunate to have a quart of Popcorn's drink. I must say it was exquisite. It's not like he is making meth... I wish the government would leave him the heck alone. People tend to forget that the majority of our founding fathers made whiskey without a damn license. Don't worry Popcorn there a few out there that STILL know what its about =). We love ya ! Goodluck!