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Thursday, March 06, 2008

God as defined by quantum physics

Here is my current proposal for a quantum mechanics definition of God:
In reference to a system encompassing the totality of the physical universe, God is that outside observer which has the unique properties of comprehending the position and momentum of every particle and all energy within the system without violating the observer effect and simultaneously across all points throughout the spacetime of that system.
I think that such a definition easily allows for the occurrence of un-scientific phenomenon as "miracles", since if God is comprehending all quantum behavior throughout every point and moment of the universe's existence, that this means He can pretty much do whatever He wants to with the universe. He can manipulate the quantum state of anything, including altering mass and energy so that water turns into wine. What's more, such a definition might not violate the laws of physics at all. It seems to fit comfortably among them, even.

I might and probably will revise this later on, but right now that's the current model that I'm going by.


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I completely agree with you. I have spent many sleepless nights thinking very similar thoughts. You could also throw into account that there are many more dimensions that exist which us being three dimensional beings couldn't comprehend. God introducing extra dimensional beings and objects into our dimension would also give the appearance of miracles.