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Friday, April 11, 2008

Bev Perdue to stop running negative ads she shouldn't have run in the first place

So North Carolina gubernatorial candidate Bev Perdue has sworn to stop running negative ads against fellow Democrat primary opponent Richard Moore.

Perdue should have never run any negative ads, period.

Notice how she's only promising to do this for the primary. Perdue is saying nothing about abstaining from negative campaigning during the lead-up to the November general election. If she had done that, and stuck with it throughout the campaign season, I might be tempted to consider her.

But as it is, I'm still sticking with the policy that I announced last week: any candidate who runs even a single negative campaign commercial or pulls some other "dirty trick" that is easily attributable to his or her campaign, will not get my vote. Because doing such a thing proves beyond all doubt that said candidate does not sincerely want to serve the people. It means that they are only in it for the power and prestige, and are willing to throw away principles and decency to get it.

Why should we be their dupes and accomplices?

And if this means that I can't vote for any candidate at all in a race, I'm fine with that too. I don't feel like I have to vote for "a winner" in order to feel like a winner in the game of life. And there are more important things than coming out on top in an election.

Bev Perdue, you've struck out. But don't feel too bad: you've got lots of company already and will no doubt be getting plenty more.