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Thursday, April 10, 2008

London cops to receive mandatory microchip implants or get fired

The Daily Mail in Great Britain is reporting that every police officer in London - from the average bobby pounding a beat on up to London Metropolitan Police Chief Sir Ian Blair - will soon be implanted with a microchip that will allow their movements to be tracked all over London, whether they're on the street or in a pub or deep in the underground, or just at home.

The penalty for refusing to be "chipped", says the story in the Daily Mail, is that a police officer will lose his or her job.

If I were one of those good London cops, I'd be seriously asking myself: "Is this job really worth my health?" I mean, if this works off of RFID technology, which I'm presuming it does, there's already been reports of medical problems associated with these things with implanted chips in pets. Namely, stuff like cancer, painful lesions etc. The possibility of getting hurt or worse in a line of work like this has always been there. That's to be expected. Becoming "techno-tagged" like a piece of meat at the possible cost of your well-being is not, however.

Methinks the cops - all thirty-thousand-odd of them - of London should protest, refuse to take this chip, and strike if they have to. Preferably at the height of soccer season. Let's see what happens then when there's nobody there to stop the drunken hooligans.


Anonymous said...

The story in the Daily Mail was presented in their traditional sensationalist style, but it seems you didn't make the effort to read it properly. It doesn't say anyone will be implanted with anything. Indeed if you had troubled to find out more about the planned system you would know that the tracking device will be contained in the communications equipment which the officers already carry. Shame on you for spreading such blatant misinformation.

Chris Knight said...

Actually, I didn't see any real clear indication about where this chip would be. I'm hearing from a lot of people that it will be implanted but it's not saying that it's going to be "carried" either. Even if it's a tracking bracelet like some people out on bail get, that's still too much.

Anonymous said...


"The Automated Personal Location System (APLS) would use police radios to pin-point the exact location of officers on duty in London...

...The technology is already in place as part of the Airwave system the police use but has yet to be activated."

Nowhere does the Mail article say that anything will be implanted.

You're "hearing from a lot of people that it will be implanted" because
- like you, they saw the headline "officers to be microchipped" and didn't bother to read the article carefully or check with more balanced news sources
- the "implanted" fiction reinforces their prejudices and delusions.

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Capt. Gary Kassbaum said...

I am disturbed by the heavy-handed threatening instructions to a group of fine professional service men and women to carry or have implanted a micro-chip....it shows(for the first time in recollection) a total lack of respect. Yes...use microchips for criminals and strongly suspected terrorists...but not those who protect the public and administer the laws. Their communicators at present , whether turned on or off are 'trackable'...respectfully I say no further additional tracking capability is needed.

This directive connotes an implied sense of urgency on the part of 'secular interests'within the administration endorsing the wishes of a number of politically well-lobbied departments in government. It is actually cow-towing to the microchip industry that have $billion of dollars of inventory to unload with great anticipation/frustration and finally profits. There couldn't be a better spearhead for this campaign than to use the fine London Constabulary to their advantage. The rest of the world is then an easier target to the detriment of all democratically elected governments. This also satisfies the insatiable thirst of power hungry 'security advocates' whether in Britain, Canada or the USA and elsewhere to further their 'control agendas'. Didn't millions of people die in two world wars to prevent this kind of control over the delicate fabric called 'democracy'ie Rights and Freedoms and of Movement.. Enough is Enough.

I am fighting a $20M lawsuit in the Federal Court of Canada with Prima Facia of Evidence and Affidavits that I was drugged, assaulted and micro-chipped in Arlington VA-Washington a few years ago. I was an honorable servant to the Government of Canada for 21 years in the capacity of Senior Regional Investigator for the Great Lakes frequently interacting with the USCG. I brought this news to my superiors in Ottawa-Gatineau and for 2.5 years forced to undergo 'fitness to work' mental health exams(2-3 hrs each),each time passing with flying colors. Despite this I was forced to retire.Beware, that the 'psychiatric' route is actually used as a duiabolical club to beat dissenters into submission.
Please look up on the internet 'Democracy Now'and the article entitled 'Logistics of Hidden Agendas'
Please have the London Constabulary draw a 'line in the sand'

GOD Bless.

Capt. Gary Kassbaum M.M. gary.seastop@gmail.com