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Monday, April 28, 2008

Is anyone else watching this Star Wars edition of DEAL OR NO DEAL?

Johnny Yow called about an hour ago to tell me to turn to NBC. There was Howie Mandell as usual, but the models with the cases were all Imperial Stormtroopers (probably members of the 501st, way to go guys :-) and Darth Vader was sitting up in the banker's chair.

I checked it out again a short while ago and the regular female models were back, all wearing "Slave Leia" metal bikinis from Return of the Jedi. Lisa quipped that "That must be every guy's dream right there!"

I don't know if I particularly like the idea of a Star Wars Deal or No Deal because as Lando Calrissian found out the hard way, the last person in the universe you want to have to be forced to make a deal with is Darth Vader :-P


Anonymous said...

"This deal is getting worse all the time!" - Lando in The Empire Strikes Back


Kevin Bussey said...

yes I did.

Anonymous said...

I want to see them do a Star Trek Deal or No Deal...and put Captain Kirk up in the Banker's Loft.

_\\// LL&P