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Monday, April 14, 2008

Lizard Man Attacks Bishopville!

Doesn't this title sound soooo much like that of a Troma film?

Almost exactly 20 years since his last appearance, the Lizard Man (which may or may not resemble Stretch Monster, seen on the left) has been spotted again near Bishopville, South Carolina.

Beginning in the summer of 1988, there came a flurry of reports from the Scape Ore Swamp area near Bishopville in Lee County of a mystery monster. It was said to be humanoid, standing upright, with scaly green skin and red eyes. The Lee County Sheriff's Department wound up going out into the swamp and came back with plaster casts of tracks made by a three-toed creature that according to the South Carolina Marine Resources Department, did not match those of any known species of animal.

Needless to say, the Lizard Man story became a media sensation that brought television news crews and newspaper reporters from around the world descending on Bishopville. One of its local radio stations offered a $1 million reward for anyone who could capture the creature alive. There was even a song that came out about the Lizard Man.

And then it pulled a Keyser Soze and "like that, he's gone." After only a month of reputable Lizard Man sightings, the thing disappeared. There was one account of it being spotted soon afterward, but that later turned out to have been a hoax.

But now in 2008, Lizard Man has returned, acording to MyrtleBeachOnline.com. It's destroyed part of a couple's van, and this time it's left more tracks and blood. A California-based Bigfoot hunter is saying there's no question in his mind: Lizard Man is back!

As always, this blog will be on the lookout for further developments in this... matter, and relay them to you.


Anonymous said...

this didn't help me at all!!

Anonymous said...

I wish he would come out so i could see him He needs to get a hope to my Ex. To!!