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Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Shocking" Ledger scene to remain in THE DARK KNIGHT

Before I go into the main topic of this post, I've just got to say that this...

...even without knowing any of the context, is already the most disturbing image I've ever seen connected to a comic book movie.

The word came out last week that The Dark Knight, the follow-up to 2005's hit Batman Begins, has started screening to test audiences. And there's one scene in there that's extremely upsetting in the wake of the death of Heath Ledger, who plays Batman's nemesis the Joker in the film. Apparently the scene involves (SPOILER: highlight with mouse to read) the Joker "playing dead" and laying in a body bag (END SPOILER). The scene in question is reportedly so disturbing to watch, that Warner execs had seriously been considering having it cut from the final movie entirely. It's now being reported by Moviehole.net that Ledger's scene will be kept intact. And I'm hearing from a few other places that Christopher Nolan has "every intention" of not removing anything planned for what sadly became Ledger's final finished film.

If this does wind up bothering some people, I can only say: folks, it's just a character in a movie. That's all. And no doubt that Ledger went in and gave it all the effort that this role demands, to the utmost of his professional ability. But when that scene happens, remember: it's the Joker. That's going to be no more Heath Ledger himself in that scene than it was George Burns in Oh, God! instead of the Almighty.

Let's just watch The Dark Knight and remember the fine actor he already was, and be in awe at the dedication he poured into this performance.