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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Michael Giacchino's "Roar!" from CLOVERFIELD is now on iTunes

Scott Kelly sends word that after three months of a lot of people wanting this, that "Roar!", the instrumental piece by Michael Giacchino that plays over the end credits of Cloverfield (and the only original musical score composed for that movie) is now available for purchase via iTunes as of today. If you have iTunes already loaded on your computer then aim here to go straight to "Roar!".

I just bought it and am listening to it now. "Roar!" is both monstrous and majestic. I thought that in addition to complementing Cloverfield, that it was a beautiful piece in its own right and a terrific homage to the classic Toho "giant monstah" movies that Cloverfield was inspired by.

Incidentally, the version of "Roar!" that you can download is five minutes longer than the one used in the movie. After listening to both - someone sent me a very clean (i.e. no theatrical noises) copy of the movie's version a few weeks ago - I must say that I prefer the edition from iTunes.

I also got the Cloverfield DVD yesterday. Haven't watched all of it yet but it's a beautiful transfer. I can't wait to put both it and "Roar!" on my iPod... and then I can take Cloverfield with me wherever I go :-)


Brian (Nunchux) said...

I'm quite frustrated at the moment. I've been waiting to download this track since January. I went to see the movie again and again and again, in part just so I could listen to Roar! I was super-stoked when I read here that it was available on iTunes (Finally!!).

I tried to download the track on Tuesday, then on Wednesday, then again yesterday. Each time I got some "Unknown error" and it would not download. Today, I've lost the option to attempt the downlaod again, and I can no longer pull the song up by searching for "Roar", "Cloverfield", or "Michael Giacchino". When I click the link in your blog or the link on the soundtrack home page in iTunes, it says the track's not available in US Stores.

I've waited so long for this, and just GRRRRR. Do you (or anybody for that matter) happen to know if they took it back down for something (I sure hope not)?

Brian (Nunchux) said...

... and now the link for Roar! in the Just In section has vanished too! What's going on???