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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More shredding of Constitution: Supremes give police unprecedented search power

The United State Supreme Court has ruled that police can search and seize evidence even though the search itself is illegal.

This will be abused. The high court has just given "law enforcement officers" (God I hate that term) a blank check to stop, search and seize from everyone on even nonexistent grounds.

No doubt there are good cops out there who wouldn't abuse this... but that does not diminish the fact that this will be abused. And enormously so.

Hell, this would even open the way for corrupt police to plant evidence.

Folks, it's now patently obvious that this government is no longer of the people, by the people and for the people. It is now government protecting its own sorry ass. And that kind of government, friends and neighbors, is not a government worth our respect or support in the least bit.

Maybe it's time for good people still left in this land to instigate their own "Purge" (to borrow a euphemism from the TV show Lost). A good bloodletting might be the only way to restore sanity for ourselves and future generations.

So does anyone still believe that this court is going to rule in favor of the Second Amendment in another month or so?


Anonymous said...

Please note, in the ruling the S.C. referenced a state law, thereby putting the burden on the state, not a federal one. Most states actually do arrest drivers for driving suspended. I am certain that there were extenuating circumstances to place this subject under arrest, regardless of what is reported by CNN. An example, the defendant was stopped in a high crime / drug trafficing area. These officers were just doing a good job in that they arrested the guy and searched further and recovered cocaine. I have no problem with the case ruling, and also do not think that it will be abused. I work The Job. I know my fellow officers, and 99.9% did not take the job to go around and arbitrarily violate the rights of Joe Citizen.

Is our overall governmental system broken? I do think so. I think that our founding fathers are rolling in their graves over the stuff that is put upon us by the current politicos. But, when it comes to the average line officer, the one on the street, you have nothing to be concerned of. Just go overseas and visit another country, like Russia, where I have been, and when you return you would most likely be willing to smile at and shake hands with every officer you see. Get a different perspective beyond the borders of this country, I do think it would help you with your increasingly grim and pessimistic view of the USA and it't tenents. I know that every time I have been overseas ( and I have been to Europe, Asia, and poor carribean countries ) I am always grateful to be back home.
Are there problems here? Sure. But it beats the heck out of living somewhere else.