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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ANOTHER petition for TRANSFORMERS: THE SCORE?! Movement afoot to re-release album

By Primus, I never thought that we'd be going through this again. But, it looks like we will! :-)

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, then you're no doubt familiar with the hijinks (among numerous others) that happened this past year regarding the movie Transformers and it's amazing orchestral score by composer Steve Jablonsky. After seeing the movie I went looking for the score's CD in stores. It wasn't available. I made sure to write about it on this blog that I was looking forward to a release of Jablonsky's Transformers score. Lots of people were looking for it too and began coming to this blog, seeking any information for it. Almost on a lark, I set up an online petition requesting that the Powers That Be release the score. And it got slammed! Some drama ensued and I tried to chronicle it here. In the end, Warner Bros. Records published Transformers: The Score on October 9th, 2007. It sold very well on Amazon and became highly sought-after in stores. And for a time, everyone was happy...

Okay well...

It now looks like the victory was short-lived, because Transformers: The Score is no longer being published. At least in hard-copy CD. It's still available as a music download via Amazon and iTunes. But that's not good enough and the demand is still enormous for the Transformers score CD.

How enormous? Right now I'm looking on eBay: there are currently 20 bids for a copy of Transformers: The Score and it's now up to $83. During the past few months I've seen other copies of the CD that have likewise sold at astronomical prices.

So now, once again, there is... another online petition for the release of Transformers: The Score!

I've gladly signed this one, but otherwise I'm not involved in this petition. But I do wish them all the best, because this is a movie soundtrack that stands as tall as any other, and it deserves to have some more enduring space on the music rack in stores or wherever. Months later, and I'm still listening to Transformers: The Score quite a lot! And who knows: maybe Warner Bros. Records is still working on that 2-disc set that we've heard rumored about. If so, I can accept that. But if that's not in the works, then they should seriously consider re-issuing the original Transformers: The Score.

So... ya wanna sign? Because you know that you should. It's your choice, but not really.

Click here to sign

the Transformers: The Score

re-issue petition.

Thanks to Benechia for the heads-up!

"Transform and roll out..." them CDs! :-)


Anonymous said...

It was really dumb for WB Records to discontinue the Transformers Score CD. I could understand if it the CD was a Limited Edition, and all the CDs were numbered, etc. I'll sign that petition to hopefully get new pressing of the CD or get the 2-disc.