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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Parachute is NOT Cooper's, says FBI

Remember that parachute that was found in the state of Washington last week, that many were speculating might have belonged to notorious skyjacker Dan Cooper (more often known as D.B. Cooper, but I've always called him by the name he used for his ticket)? The discovery aroused a lot of memories about the guy and spawned even more theories about what might have happened to him. Now the FBI is saying that the parachute is NOT Cooper's. It's not the right material or design, and the feds are now saying that it was from a military plane crash in 1945 and that the 1946 date stamped on the 'chute is the "repacking date".

So the question is raised anew: What did happen to the parachute that Cooper used in his 1971 caper?

I will admit: I'm kinda glad that last week's find is not Cooper's, because it just means that the real parachute hasn't been found. And maybe that's because Cooper did survive the fall and is still out there somewhere.

As a friend likes to put it, "Mystery!"