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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Taxpayer-funded segregation? Indianapolis airport to give Muslims their own sinks

Indianapolis International Airport is going to install floor sinks by this fall - at the cost of $750 each - for Muslims to wash their feet before praying.

There is certainly a question here about the constitutionality of such a thing. I mean, these are public funds that are being used to support an establishment of religion: a notion that some people in this country have spent their entire lives toward stamping out, sometimes with dedication bordering on paranoia.

So yeah that's a concern. But what I want to know is: What's going to happen if a Christian or a Jew uses these same sinks, too?

I suppose it's possible that someone other than a Muslim could receive an injury to the foot that requires immediate flushing. Would an "infidel" be "desecrating" the Muslims' floor sink by using it? Are we going to see airport security personnel - i.e. taxpayer-funded "religious police" much like those of Saudi Arabia - patrolling around the floor sinks, making sure that nobody apart from the Islamic creed is using them?

Isn't this the very definition of "segregation"?

I grew up listening to stories about how black people were once not allowed to use the same facilities as whites... such as water fountains. In some places it was even punishable by law for a black to drink from the same fountain that had been designated for whites. So how is installing a floor sink that purportedly is only meant to be used by Muslims different from installing a water fountain that is only supposed to be used by whites?

Jim Crow was supposed to be dead and buried. But this move to accommodate Muslims at Indianapolis International Airport by giving them bathroom fixtures verboten to others threatens to not only dig Jim Crow back up, but to also dust him off and put him to work.

I don't care that this isn't a "white and black" thing. It's still a return to segregation, if not in active practice yet. And if violence ever occurs because someone other than a Muslim uses the floor sinks, there will be demands for even more concessions in the name of being "tolerant toward religion".

On a related note, what would happen if someone dumped strips of uncooked bacon into these floor sinks. Would they become so spiritually unclean that they would have to be ripped-out and replaced with new ones?

Just wonderin'...


Abas KS said...

Hi, Chris

How's things going?

Anybody can use a floor sink or clean bacon off a floor sink, Chris. :-\

It's a popular culture in many parts of the world, a practice not only done by Muslims although Muslims apply it as part of a cleansing ritual before prayers.

It's much like cleaning mud off one's shoes before entering one's home, & etc so I reckon a faucet with a rubber hose should suffice. $750 each..whooaa..it's strange.