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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This is NOT Scarlett!

Somebody doing marketing/promotional work for the upcoming G.I. Joe movie has screwed-up bigtime. Because this cannot possibly be what Scarlett is going to look like...

That's so much black Spandex, how can there be any left over to use on the Baroness? She's got the cute ponytail and crossbow (which are iconic to the character) but this outfit is all wrong. I was really looking forward to the original, classic Scarlett getup: the tan and gray one, which would have been a great contrast to Snake-Eyes... which if you know anything about those two characters would have been very fitting.

I just don't like it. But I'll be willing to overlook this, if the designs for Destro and Zartan end up looking sweet.

Oh yeah, and Scarlett needs to speak with a Georgia accent in the movie.

Credit goes to JoBlo.com for the otherwise great find :-)


Dave Lowe said...

Hi Chris
I agree and beyond that I just wanted to say "HI". Don't know if you remember me, we e-mailed back and forth for awhile when you were editor of the humor page on THEFORCE.NET. I just stumbled upon your blog.