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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WARNING: This post about the government contains the mother of all swear words... and it's about time

The federal government will soon be taking DNA samples from EVERYONE that it arrests.

It took almost five years, but the dam has finally burst on this blog.

If you have any small children reading this blog, now would be a good time to escort them away from the monitor. Because I'm about to use a word that until now, I've never, ever used of my own volition here. Why am I going to do this? Because I know of no other way to express the anger that I'm feeling right now at how out of control this government has become, and I really don't give a damn any more about "polite society". If I use this word, God won't hold it against me. But He might have something to say if I stand before Him someday, unable to tell Him that I did whatever I could in the time that was given me.

So here it goes...

Lisa and I have been watching HBO's John Adams miniseries. We watched the episode where the Founders negotiated and signed the Declaration of Independence. Afterward I went back and read the Declaration, as I have many times before, and not for the first time found myself wondering: "Why don't people ever think and speak this way anymore?"

I've hoped and prayed, for a long time, that this country might return to the vision of the Founding Fathers. But I don't see it happening. Instead I see a government that is so wildly removed from anything the Founders intended, seizing more power unto itself and running roughshod over the people it's supposed to be serving. Is supposed to be an extension of, even. But it's not. This is now government for sake of government, and I know of nothing else throughout history that has had more potential for great evil.

And now this government has brazenly declared that it will violate our privacy to the utmost, by seizing without due process not only our rights but the tangible material endowed to us by our Creator.

Not surprisingly, the Bush Administration and the Department of Homeland Security are eager to do this.

Perhaps less surprisingly, there are too few good men and women left who seem able to stand and resist.

So let me be succinct: America, is fucked.

This is no longer the country that John Adams, George Washington and too many other good people fought and sacrificed for and even died for.

The idea of that America, warts and all, I'm still going to be loyal to until the day I leave this world. But I will not be loyal to this current government, which is founded in no virtue apart from its willingness to bear might against its own people.

In a sane world, any agent of the federal government that tries to swab the mouth of a citizen under such frivolous circumstances would be shot dead before they can reach for the Q-tip.

You want to know what I really think about what this country is turning into, and about damned too many of the politicians that are destroying her?

Here's what I think:

God bless the Constitution of the United States of America and the people for whom it was intended to serve, and GOD DAMN the enemies of the Constitution either foreign or DOMESTIC!

And anyone who believes this government is right to violate those principles, can kiss my ass and go to Hell.


Anonymous said...

Why I love your blog. Nobody else in less than a day announces a Republican political campaign, reviews Gears of War, posts pics of a hot broad in black leather then writes about the Constitution and uses the F-word without any doubt that he's a real Christian.

This country needs more people with that cajones.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry would be proud!

Anonymous said...

Right on, my friend. It's about time somebody put it in print.

*returns to clinging to my gun and my religion*

Anonymous said...

Amen. Dont apologize for being angry Chris its past due for people to be angry. The ones who are letting it happen have more to worry about from God than you will brother.

Anonymous said...

I'm more disappointed than ever that you didn't run for Congress.

Chris Knight said...

Dear Sammy,
The more time that goes by, the more I'm convinced that I made the right choice by not running.

And I don't really know if I want to run for office again at all, truth be known.

I enjoyed my campaign for the local school board a LOT. It was fun, and I not only learned much from it, I'm *still* learning from it. In spite of not winning a seat, it really was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

But anything past the local level, it's going to require an UNCONSCIONABLE amount of money to even seriously contemplate running for office in this day and age. I know that I'm treasurer of my friend Eric Smith's campaign. But if it were my own campaign, I don't know if I'd feel enough desire or motivation to ask other people for money. I used to think that it was possible for sincerity and earnest motivation to win the day... but not anymore. There's too much set against the earnestly decent folks who would like to serve others, and they're only taken "seriously" by the media if they have the money. Which like I said, I'm not too interested in asking for.

There's also the question of not only whether I could have done any good in Congress, but could ANYONE at all?

Let me rephrase that another way: is it possible that a person could do MORE good outside of elected office than he or she could by holding it?

I believe so. And I believe that running for Congress would have been a waste of time, and even more so had I won the seat. If that might ever change, I've no idea. But I'm content to use the time and opportunities that God has given me in the here and now to serve others, as best I can. And that's not something for which a political process is a requisite.