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Friday, May 30, 2008

Brazilian tribe with no outside contact is photographed by airplane

Eric Wilson sent this story over to me late last night. Look at these photos: they're of a tribe of people near the border of Brazil and Peru, that so far as we know has had no contact at all with the outside world. They are reported to have fired arrows at the airplane that flew over them as these photographs were taken...

Read more here at the BBC's website.

Kinda humbling to know that in 2008, in spite of all our technology and how we've thought that the entire Earth has been mapped, that there are still corners of it that "civilized" humanity has not been able to reach... and that there are people there.

I say, leave these folks alone. Let them be. If they ever decide for themselves that they want to go beyond their present borders, that's their choice to make.


Anonymous said...

Screw the Prime Directive! This airplane is now their new god!

Anonymous said...

I think that the folks at JAARS, MAF, Wycliff Bible Translators, Youth With a Mission, and a host of other missionary outreach organizations would heartily disagree with your thought to leave them alone.

Do some research on Nate Saint, I believe the book about him and his friends is "Through Gates of Splendor". He, and his friends, were martyred for The Cause doing an outreach to a people exactly like these lost souls.

Anonymous said...

they dont look very friendly

Perspective Shift Chris said...

Thanks. I was just looking for this story but couldn't remember who ran the original one. This always interests me. Thanks again for the post :P.