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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Here it is: Ben moving the Island from the LOST Season 4 finale!

You know what haunts me most about this scene? It's that Ben is crying. This is the last thing that he's about to do for the Island, the final gesture of his duties as the previous chosen one. And for the first time, we are seeing fear in the face of this master manipulator.

Just before the white light cascades over everything, I can't help thinking that what's going through Ben's mind is, "I'm going to die. Please forgive me." He knows he's going to be banished from the Island... and he doesn't know where he'll be sent to. He could wind up anywhere in the world, or anywhere above it or inside it. The next moment could find him on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, for all the good that it would do him. I like to believe that this was a "leap of faith" moment for Ben, and that when we see him materialize in the Tunisian desert that it was Jacob's doing.

Everything is orchestrated flawlessly in this scene, from Michael Emerson's performance, to the sets, to how we see the affect that Ben's action has throughout the area of the Island. And Michael Giacchino's music here: I will buy the Lost Season 4 soundtrack just for this, if/when it comes out.

In the two and a half seasons that he's been a character on Lost, this was the definitive moment for Benjamin Linus. And it's being widely agreed that this was the most amazing single scene of this television season.

So here it is courtesy of YouTube: Benjamin Linus working the frozen donkey wheel, and using it to move the Island...


Anonymous said...

I felt very sorry for Ben. He only has been trying to do what's right for the island. He's a very imperfect human but he admits it and tries to make up for his mistakes.

Chris we had a Lost party at our house on Thursday night and when Ben was turning the wheel everyones eyes were gaping wide open. That was an awe striking scene and I don't know how Lost is going to surpass it next year but I'm sure they'll think of something!

Anonymous said...

Even as a Lost fan, I have to admit that visually, that was pretty lame compared to the Atmosphere Jump in Battlestar Galactica.

Anonymous said...

Makes me wish I had saved the episode where Ben opens his eyes, laying on his back, in the desert, wearing a winter coat. NOW we now just how he got there....

The show was good stuff, but agreed, I am not sure if it tops the atmospshere jump on BSG. Btw, have you been following it? Only 2 more episodes left to my knowledge.

Sorry to see BSG go, and I will be sorry to see Lost go when it comes to its finale.

Anonymous said...

Off subject, but in response to the last comment, the next two episodes will cap-off the first half of Season 4, but it will return later in the year for another 10 or so episodes.

And if Lost is ending in 2010 (which a coworker told me) I could really use some more answers!