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Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Gremlins are back!

In a commercial now running in Great Britain for BT Business. In addition to the psychotic beasties from Gremlins (including what looks like Mohawk leading them) it also stars Peter Jones of Dragon's Den...

Man, I loved the Gremlins movies! Mom and Dad took my sister and I to see Gremlins in 1984, and it totally freaked Mom out! Around the holidays, I'll often joke that it's "my favorite Christmas movie!" especially if it happens to be on television. I also caught Gremlins 2: The New Batch when it ran in theaters. And some may disagree, but I thought in many ways that it was one of the few sequels that was actually better than the original.

Wouldn't it be great if Joe Dante and Steven Spielberg were to make a third Gremlins movie? Even if that never happens, it's good to see them in in fine form again in this BT Business commercial :-)


Anonymous said...

This was an awesome commercial. It makes me wish that there was a Gremlins 3 being made. And the Gremlin puppets looked great. I wouldn't count out a Gremlins 3 out entirely, especially since both Dante and Spielberg are still alive and making movies, and the surge of 80s era movies being brought back (like Die Hard, and Rambo, for example.)