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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lee Spievack: The man who re-grew his severed finger

Lee Spievack, a 69-year old hobby store owner in Cincinnati, accidentally chopped off a huge chunk of his finger on the blade of a model airplane. He never found where the missing piece went to. Under any other circumstance it looked hopeless. And then Lee's brother Alan sent him some "pixie dust", which was an experimental extra-cellular matrix. Lee Spievack applied the powder to his wound.

In four weeks, he had re-grown the entire finger, complete with nail, fingerprint and nervous reaction. Here's the photo of him after his ordeal, along with the model airplane that started it all...

You can read more about it at the Daily Mail's website and BBC News hosts some considerably graphic video of the severed finger and various stages of its regrowth.

Just when you think you've seen it all. Amazing that we now seem capable of doing something like this. And on a lighter note maybe there is hope for Dr. Curt Connors after all :-P


Anonymous said...

The pictures, if you look closely, show only the tip cut off. Nothing to write home about.