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Friday, August 08, 2008

Apple working on Wi-Fi streaming iTunes

Mac Rumors has found a story about a very cool technical innovation that Apple is researching. It involves wireless streaming of the iTunes on your home computer to your iPhone or iPod Touch, wherever you happen to be! So, say you're driving through Colorado and your home is in Atlanta, and you want to dial up a song (maybe even a video) on your Apple appliance that you don't happen to have on the device itself. So long as you're in a Wi-Fi or cellular hotspot, you'll be able to tell the iPhone or iPod Touch to "phone home" and stream the song or other file to wherever you are.

Now, that is some seriously sweet innovation. I'm beginning to see why Apple devotees are so loyal to the House of Jobs :-)

In related news, there's been considerable buzz about a possible "iPhone nano" coming out later this year, said to be a "pay as you go" iPhone. Personally, I think an iPhone shuffle would be more fun: no display, and it dials random numbers whenever you use it :-P


Geoff Gentry (aka xforce11) said...

I am hoping you will be able to stream on computers via the internet. Laptop with you in VA computer in NC. That way you wouldn't need to take up HD space on your laptop for your music.