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Friday, August 08, 2008

Ozzy Osbourne to be playable character in GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR

I've talked about Rock Band a lot on this blog ('cuz Lisa and I play it together all the time) and we're eager for Rock Band 2 next month, but I'm also a big fan of the Guitar Hero games. Lisa got me Guitar Hero III for my birthday a few months ago. Now if only I can get past Slash...

Well, the next few months are going to be pure crazy on the rhythm gaming front, with Rock Band 2 and then Guitar Hero World Tour fighting for the coveted space under the Christmas tree. Today Activision released gobs of new info about Guitar Hero World Tour, including how Ozzy Osbourne will be a playable avatar in the game.

Activision should program an "Easter egg" that lets you bite the head off a live chicken on stage while playing Ozzy. It would triple sales of Guitar Hero World Tour!


Anonymous said...

Man, forget Guitar Hero, I'm not going to have half of my room space consumed by two drum sets (the other is the Rock Band drums) just because the Rock Band drums aren't compatible to World Tour. I don't care about the cymbals. The people at Red Octane (that's the developers, right?) are just copycats.

Chris Knight said...

Hey Matt,
I heard a few days ago that the drums from Rock Band WILL be compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour :-) At least the original drumset. No word yet on whether the drums for Rock Band 2 will work also.