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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic MMO is coming, confirms EA head

Why is it that really good news happens when you're away and you only find out about it later?

A few weeks ago at E3, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello confirmed something that has long been in the rumor mill: that a massive multiplayer online role-playing game based on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is coming. BioWare, the company that produced the first Knights of the Old Republic game in 2003, has been working on the project since way before they were bought by EA last year.

I don't do the MMORPG gig much anymore, but this might be the thing that reels me back in. In my opinion Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is the best Star Wars video game ever produced, and the sequel wasn't too shabby either (once the bugs were worked out). The saga has already gone the MMORPG route with Star Wars Galaxies, but Sony Online Entertainment botched that one so bad that it rates as one of the worst business stories of the past decade. The fact that this new game will be using the Knights of the Old Republic era (set four thousand years before the time of the movies) and that BioWare is handling things promises great things for a saga that many believe has become stretched too thin. Right now it's the direction for Star Wars that has the most promise to keep the franchise fresh and interesting.

The game should be coming out in 2009. Is that soon enough for you meatbags? :-P


Anonymous said...

I want them to include Coruscant as a playable planet. After Taris in KOTOR 1 Bioware has no excuse. And to play as a Mandalore. This is great news and I will buy it as soon as it is on sale.

Chris Knight said...

I think making it Knights of the Old Republic era is going to be potentially much more fun than the classic era of the movies. For one thing, the KOTOR setting will have no reason not to have Jedi: it'll practically *mandate* it :-)

(You've no idea how much I came to disdain Star Wars Galaxies for how easy it was to become a Jedi, when it was set during the time of the Empire. I saw fifty Jedi - at least - congregating in the spaceport of Corellia's capital one night.)

Things I want in this KOTOR MMO: be able to play Jedi, be able to play Sith, be able to play as a Mandalore, flyable spacecraft from the first day, lots of planets (and make them BIG), be able to hang around Coruscant like you said LHudson, MUCH better integration of Star Wars lore (which since BioWare is making it shouldn't be a problem at all)...

...and getting to own my very own HK droid. And get to program it to be as rude as I want it to be :-P