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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You mean there's another WATCHMEN trailer too?!

EDIT: I have found out that this is NOT the second trailer for Watchmen. That one is still due out with Quantum of Solace. This is just some preview footage shown during the Scream Awards last night. Still looks awesome though :-)

Rorschach's illegal entry. Dan's sexual fantasy and mushroom cloud. Dr. Manhattan's demonstration on the tank. Adrian's Antarctic retreat. Laurie's realization. The blood-stained smiley-face button...

This will be the Citizen Kane of comic book movies when it comes out in March.

So here's the second trailer for Watchmen:

And speaking of the Watchmen movie, there are reports that the ending has been altered significantly from the book. Namely, (SPOILER highlight to read) that the "alien" cooked up by Ozymandias to destroy New York City in his mad bid for world peace has been replaced with a scheme involving free energy and Dr. Manhattan. But a number of sources have also assured that the original ending is in the movie, or at least has had effects work done related to it.

Regardless, I'll be there opening day to see this. I've waited almost 20 years to see Rorschach's cool mask on the big screen... and in a few short months it's going to finally happen!