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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The teaser for BIOSHOCK 2: SEA OF DREAMS

I have a confession to make...

Ever since first playing it this past March, I have become absolutely addicted to the video game BioShock.

Actually, "addicted" isn't the right word at all. "Enchanted", "enthralled", "captivated", or something to that effect would be much more apropos. The game finally arrived on PlayStation 3 this past week and owners of that system are finally getting to discover what Xbox 360 folks (like me) have known for some time now: that BioShock might be the most beautiful and thought-provoking video game yet produced. Let's face it: a game that examines with cold brutality what human nature is capable of doing in the absence of God and higher morality is certainly going to be cut from a different cloth than the rest.

So I've played BioShock all the way through three times now, always getting to the "good" ending 'cuz I just can't bring myself to harvest any of the Little Sisters, and all the while coming up with new ways to try to take out the Big Daddies protecting them. Some nights I even dream of Rapture: the underwater city that is the setting of BioShock.

And speaking of dreams of BioShock...

If you get all the way through the PlayStation 3 edition of BioShock, you unlock the following teaser for BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams, due out next year. Would you kindly hit the "play" button and commence to arousing your curiosity:

Two things stick out from this spot to me: first, that's apparently a Little Sister, now quite a few years older. And then the BioShock 2 logo is encrusted with barnacles and sea rot... so perhaps that means a return to Rapture several years after the original game. 2K (the company that produced BioShock) has hinted that BioShock 2 will be both a sequel and a prequel, so maybe we'll also get to at last witness the terrible events of the night of New Years Eve 1958, when the society of Rapture self-destructed.

Can't wait to play this! :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I couldn't agree more Chris. As a fan of social commentaries like 1984 and Animal Farm, Bioshock went right up my alley. Sure, it had its faults - like the story didn't really fit the FPS genre, the auto revival, the enemies re-spawning...

But, was it a game for the ages? Oh yes.

Can't wait for Bioshock 2. Hope it fixes the problems with the first.