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Friday, December 12, 2008

Study: Older people are VERY active video game players! But...

...they tend to hide that fact from their contemporaries, according to the story at Financial Post.

Personally, I don't see anything wrong, at all, with anyone enjoying a good video game. The story cites Nicholas Muehlen, a fifty-year old dude - and a chef, by the way - who likes to indulge in the Gears of War, Halo and Call of Duty series of games. He and his wife get into the play as much as their grown children.

This can't possibly be a bad thing. Or an activity to be embarrassed about.

Video games are a form of entertainment, just like television and movies. But they have the advantage of being an interactive experience that involves not just hand-eye coordination but more often than not some serious thinking, too. And consider immersive-style games like Gears of War 2 and BioShock: why just watch the story when you can be in the story?

Heck, the way the economy is right now, video games are a downright sound investment for your entertainment budget. Certainly they deliver more per dollar than DVDs or movie tickets.

So, Nicholas Muehlen and every other "seasoned" video game player out there: rock on! You are at the forefront of a trend that only looks to continue. Hey, if my own father can do pretty well at Gears of War 2, then this is something that anybody should stand up and feel proud about enjoying! :-)


Anonymous said...

What a great story (=

Love your blog!