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Thursday, January 08, 2009

2K boss sez: BIOSHOCK could spawn five sequels

Christoph Hartmann, worldwide president of 2K, has claimed in an interview with MCV that BioShock, which some have called the best video game ever created, might possibly lead to five sequels! In the interview Hartmann likens the BioShock brand to the Star Wars franchise... but also notes that 2K must be wary of milking BioShock with too much commercialism.

I finished BioShock for the third time the other night, and even knowing the story and the big plot twist, it has still lost none of its potency. I think that Rapture - the vast underwater city that is the setting of BioShock - is one of the greatest and most fully-realized environments created for a work of fiction. But I'm scratching my head at how Hartmann and 2K are already conceiving of five more games to offshoot from the original. Most fans of BioShock that I've spoken to have said that they'd like to see a prequel at some point: a game that shows us life in Rapture leading up to and taking place during the events of New Years Eve 1958, when the oceanic metropolis collapsed into the total chaos of civil war.

The first sequel, BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams, is due to be released this coming fall.


Anonymous said...

My wife got me a 360 for Christmas and Bioshock for a first game. On the night after Christmas I was up late and I met the dentist. Scared the sh't out of me!

Chris Knight said...

LOL! I know EXACTLY what you mean! The first time I encountered the Dentist, it freaked me out too! And no matter how many times I play BioShock, that's one thing that STILL disturbs me. Heck, I've had full-blown nightmares about that guy.