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Monday, February 09, 2009

"The Woz" to compete on DANCING WITH THE STARS

ABC's hit show Dancing with the Stars returns for a new season on March 9th. And it's been confirmed that joining singers Jewel and Belinda Carlisle, gymnast Shawn Johnson and rapper Lil' Kim will be none other than Steve Wozniak, AKA "The Woz" and co-founder of Apple Computers.

I might have to check this out. Steve Wozniak has always seemed to be a pretty cool guy. He's currently active with a Segway Polo team (though that might not help his footwork much on the dance floor).

Too bad Circus of the Stars is no longer on television: we could have probably seen Steve Ballmer throwing chairs on the high wire.


Anonymous said...

Is Belinda Carlisle in a "fat Oprah" or "skinny Oprah" state these days?