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Monday, April 27, 2009

G.E.'s latest achievement: 100 DVDs on one disc

This is gonna be something to keep yer eyes on folks: General Electric has engineered a new kind of optical storage technology. It's based on holography and it can be used to put 100 DVDs on a single disc!

I wouldn't chuck out that new Blu-Ray player just yet. An innovation like this usually takes awhile before it comes to market (and even longer before they're ubiquitous enough for most folks to consider adopting it). But it's easy to see how something like this would eventually supplant everything we've come to know about optical storage and playback.

Between this and the stuff happening in the realm of flash memory, this is very very cool. I'll certainly be watching for more about it.


Lee Shelton said...

Holography? Hmmmmmm. Does this mean we will soon be able to enjoy 3D movies without the aid of special glasses?

Unknown said...

It means that, combined with the ability to stream over the internet, running one's own television station is now within grasp.

YIKES...I'm headed for obsolescence!