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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reaction to tonight's LOST: "The Variable"

I ain't saying nothing. And you know why?

Because I am completely tapped-out of any possible hyperbole that I could use to describe how I feel about Lost, after tonight's episode "The Variable".

If we are lucky, storytelling like this may happen twice in our lifetime. It's taking place, now, with Lost. Lord only knows when anything coming anywhere close to being just as comparable will ever come again.

This show is like sculpture being chiseled out before our eyes. And tonight, what we thought was the work being brought to life... just got smashed to smithereens.

Okay, I gotta say this: Eloise Hawking is a real b*tch! I didn't know what to quite make of her, until tonight's show. The whole thing about stopping Daniel and his piano playing: and you thought some parents went overboard when it comes to their kids playing sports. Sheesh!

Think I'm gonna have to watch this at least twice again tomorrow after I get it from iTunes. Just... wow.


Calvin said...

Killing her own son before he's even born. Or even conceived. Now that is evil.

And glad to see you back at blogging :)

Lee Shelton said...

Kind of puts a whole new spin on the abortion debate.