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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Duke Nukem... Never! 3D Realms no more

Duke Nukem Forever is now officially deader than Elvis. 3D Realms has shut down for good and Take-Two - which had the publishing rights to the game - has announced it will not be funding any more development of the project.

So after more than twelve years of work on this one video game, it now looks as though there will be absolutely nothing to show for the effort or the money. And what's more, Duke Nukem Forever is now poised to become an even more legendary fiasco than Daikatana ever was (and that's sayin' something). Expect an onslaught of vaporware jokes about this in the coming days.


B Sharp said...

POISED to be worse than Daikatana??? Romero delivered the game took him 3 years but there it is. Duke Nukem Forever has taken FOUR TIMES LONGER in development and will never be published.

Chris Knight said...

I have read tons of stories about John Romero and his Ion Storm studio. Still boggles my mind that they burned through all that cash (around $44 million) and produced, what, *one* good game?

Matt said...





I am very sad now. I was so hoping that I will get the opportunity to play DN:F on my super rig of a PC.

Calvin said...

One good thing though. We'll never have to see a full-page magazine ad screaming "DUKE NUKEM'S ABOUT TO MAKE YOU HIS BITCH."

What was John Romero thinking?

Anonymous said...


Saw this tonight on Yahoo and thought of your post about 3D realms shutting their doors.