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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Government STEALING private land for United 93 memorial

This blog commented about the issue a little over four months ago: how some of the families of passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 93 were petitioning the federal government (and then-President George W. Bush in particular) to seize private property by eminent domain so as to have a memorial to those who died in the 9/11 attack.

Well, those families are getting what they wanted: the federal government is about to CONDEMN land from seven owners so as to build a 2,200 acre "memorial site", and it's planning to rush the proceedings through so that the thing can be ready in time for the tenth anniversary of the hijackings.

I'll probably draw some flack for asking this aloud, but: what the HELL did those innocent people who died on United 93 actually DIE for, if the American government is now STEALING private property?

This is an act of brutal socialism: using force of government to take from those who own a thing, so as to benefit what will number a relatively few.

And I'll go ahead and say this too: this is exactly the kind of thing that the very same Islamic extremists who launched the 9/11 attacks have been doing for centuries to the shrines of other religions: declaring them to be "Islamic holy sites" and denying access to them by those of other faiths. If you own land, all the United States government now has to do is declare it a "historic place" and it can now take it from you.

I said a few months ago: the appropriate use of the land is to let the owners do with it as they see fit. That if "they" seriously "hate us for our freedoms" then let's insult them and show our resolve by displaying 2,200 acres of capitalism at work.

(And as I also said before, isn't 2,200 acres way too much for a memorial anyway?)

There is a right way to honor the lives of those who died on United 93. This is not the way to do that. In fact, what the government is doing in their name is shameful and disgusting. And I hope and pray to God that the rightful owners of the land fight this all the way.


Scoke said...

Amen to this. Our government keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?

Petitions need to be brought up for this. But it won't work, because sentimentalism will win out above morality any day of the week.

Brian (Nunchux) said...

Terrorists are winning more every single day. The government has NO right to take private property from people. In fact, the Constitution strictly outlines a person's right to OWN property. Utterly ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Having been to Shanksville before, I am mystified why they need 2,200 acres to make the memorial. I am not really good with space, but perhaps a memorial of 100 acres would have been plenty to build some kind of monument, visitors center, and parking. And all paid for from donations from the purchase of the land to the last piece of trim.
But 2,200 acres? And ALL seized by the feds? Sounds to me like desecration of hallowed ground.
Ugh. And to think we have 4 years of this to go....

Gary Ceres said...

Well of course they need 2,200 acres...how else can the politicians hold yearly rallies to show that they care?