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Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Weird Al" Yankovic releasing INTERNET LEAKS!

Per the man himself on his weirdal.com website, "Internet Leaks" isn't the name of his forthcoming new album (which Al claims he doesn't know when it's coming out). Instead...

Al will be “leaking” new tracks to the Internet over the summer, and for bookkeeping reasons we had to call them SOMETHING, so “Internet Leaks” it is! Al’s T.I. parody “Whatever You Like” retroactively becomes the first song in the collection, and there will be 4 new original songs released digitally over the next few months. The first new song (and video!) will be out on June 16, and will be available wherever mp3s are sold or stolen.
Just one more reason why I believe that "Weird Al" Yankovic is not only one of the most successful musical entertainers in modern history, but also among the most innovative. Yeah sure, selling songs over the Internet isn't a new thing, but Al is the only artist that I know of who is actively releasing new music between album releases. That's not just dedication to one's art, it's also excellent marketing!

Can't wait to see what Al has up his sleeve this time :-)


AfterShock said...

Oh man, I am anxiously awaiting these "Leaks"...and it sounds like he will be doing videos as well....CANNOT WAIT!! Bring it on, Al!