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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dude surfs the web... with a modem made in 1964!

K.C. Budd - aka "phreakmonkey" - is a guy who loves to play around with gadgets. So when he came into possession of a Livermore Data Systems "Model A" he decided to put it to good use.

So what's a Livermore Data Systems "Model A"? It's a way old-fashioned modem that was first made in 1964!

Here's the video that phreakmonkey made of himself using Wikipedia with a laptop and a 45-year old modem...


Anonymous said...

That little unit probably cost over $1,000 in 1964 dollars. Figuring 45 years of inflation, it would have a value of around $10,000 in today's cash.

Imagine paying that price just to get on the internet at teletype speed.

Ol' You-Know-Who