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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Blue Ash, Ohio cops MURDER five-pound dog (and how to stop law enforcement abuse)

This is gonna be another post where I'm compelled to use "less polite" language, folks. But I think you'll agree: it's more than warranted.

Here is a photo of Jack, a five-pound Chihuahua-mix dog that until last week was owned by Scott and Sharon Bullock of Blue Ash, Ohio...

And these are the three bullets that Blue Ash Police Department officers shot into Jack this past Friday evening when they killed the dog on the front porch of the Bullock home...

Here's the story from WCPO.com:

Family Outraged After Officer Shoots Their Dog
Reported by: Lynn Giroud
Photographed By: Jeremy Glover
Web Produced By: Neil Relyea
Last Update: 8:46 am

CINCINNATI, OH -- A Blue Ash family is outraged after returning home to find their dog had been shot and killed by a police officer.

The dog was a Chihuahua-mix named “Jack” that Scott and Sharon Bullock had given to their 12-year-old son for his birthday a few years ago.

When the Bullocks returned home from a family member's funeral on Friday, they found blood and three bullets on their front porch – along with a note to call the Blue Ash Police Department about their dog.

The Bullocks were shocked to learn that Jack had gotten out of the backyard and two officers who tried to catch him, ended up shooting and killing him right on the family's front porch.

"He was cornered on the porch and scared," said Sharon Bullock. "The officer bent down bare-handed to pick up Jack, and Jack bit him."

"My five-year-old cried himself to sleep the night before last, wanting his dog," said Sharon Bullock.

"He ‘barks’ for him" added Scott Bullock. "He'd ‘bark’ and Jack would always come to him, so he's outside going ‘Bark bark bark,’ hoping he's gonna come back. It's heartbreaking."

The Bullocks told their five-year-old and three-year-old sons that Jack ran away.

The Bullocks admit they were at fault for leaving their dog outside, and are sorry the officer was bitten, but they say their dog was not a vicious animal and had never bitten anyone before.

They're wondering why the officers didn't call the SPCA to catch the dog.

"They didn't make that phone call other than to come scoop the dog off the porch after they shot him," said Scott Bullock. "Two grown men that can't gather up a five-pound dog – and they're trained police officers – sounds ridiculous to me."

That officer later explained to the family that he was following procedure.

The Blue Ash Police Department has not returned 9News’ calls for comment on this incident.

The family says there were two officers involved. One was bitten. The other officer tased, then shot the dog three times.

Two grown men, serving as police officers, use a Taser on a five-pound dog and then "follow procedure" by shooting it dead.

Dear readers, you know what is going to happen next the same as I do, the same as everyone knows who has read stories like this too damn many times: the police department's "internal affairs" will conduct an "investigation", and then declare that the officers did nothing wrong. To add insult to injury they might even get some kind of meritorious citation for "bravery in the line of duty".

And in case you haven't seen it already, in New Jersey a cop beat a man senseless because the civilian wouldn't zip up his jacket, or something (can't make this stuff up folks).

Let me say this already, lest there be any doubt: I do believe there are many good people out there who serve in law enforcement. Some are even family. But I respect them in regards to their chosen professions because they happen to have strong character and because they have earned that respect. Because they put serving others and using the brains that God gave them ahead of following "procedure" for procedure's sake.

I can not and will not respect them, or anyone else, simply because they happen to have a badge and a gun and a smartly-ironed uniform. I like to believe that those who I can give respect to will comprehend that already without me or anyone else having to say as much.

But then there are the "cops" that have no business at all being in a uniform with a badge and a gun. And these Blue Ash Police exemplify that.

These are the bad cops.

And this kind of thing isn't going to stop in America, ladies and gentlemen, until a lot of the bad cops are dead.

Is that a harsh assessment? Yer damned right it is. But as I see it, upholding the Constitution and laws of this land is something that every citizen is called to do without compensation. And those that do hear the call to uphold the law on a full-time professional basis must be held to a higher standard than the average citizen. If they are not, then they are inevitably going to abuse the authority that is entrusted them.

This kind of thing has gotten way out of hand. And it's not going until citizens send the message loud and clear to those in law enforcement who are irresponsible and corrupt: "We are not going to tolerate your kind any more."

These Blue Ash, Ohio cops think that their badges make them special?

F*#@ 'em.

Like I said, a lot of alleged "law enforcement officers" don't have the right mind or the right attitude to be armed in uniform.

And if they can't be made to understand this, if they persist in abusing their positions...

...they need to be put down like the dogs they are.


Anonymous said...

If more Americans had your understanding this would be a better country. Well said.

Anonymous said...

First they shoot puppies and get away with it.

Next they will be shooting babies in front of families and get away with that too.

O wait they have already been doing that, see Lon Horiuchi and Ruby Ridge.

Anonymous said...

P.O. Johnson

Anonymous said...

Those cops make me sick!

-Drew M

AfterShock said...

You know, if anyone else had done this, they would consider it Animal Cruelty and the person who did it would be at least fined, possibly jailed. But no, he's a cop - so he gets away with saying he was following procedure...

It was a frickin' 5 LB. Chihuahua for chrissake...What the hell do you have to fear from a 5 lb. dog? This guy probably weighs at least 25 to 30 times as much as the dog. Sheesh...

I am just flabbergasted that this even happened....

Anonymous said...

Chris if someone finds the names and home addresses of the cops who did this can they add them as a comment?

Matt said...

Just leave it to the /b/tards on 4chan. They'll take care of this!

I mean, they found the adress of a troll on /b/ who claimed to had burnt a cat in the microwave as a prank to some person just by the fact she lives in the Bronx and a photo of some street outside her house!


Chris Knight said...

Don't even get me started on Lon Horiuchi. You do not want to know what I think of that pathetic, soulless excuse of a human being.

And since posting this earlier in the afternoon I've wondered a few times if my use of language was more than a bit much.

You know what? In retrospect... I should have been more harsh in my choice of words.

I have no sympathy or compassion at all for those who so grossly abuse such a public trust. In a saner day and age, these two "cops" would be stripped naked and beaten to a bloody pulp in the town square, and then locked in the pillory for everyone to throw dung at.

Having a badge does not equal having virtue or demanding respect!

Matt said...

Reminds me alot of my RPG Campaign. The main theme of the game itself is "power corrupts".

The thing about us humans is that we always want more. We just can't get enough of it.

Chris Knight said...

"The thing about us humans is that we always want more. We just can't get enough of it."

Somebody has been contemplating Tolkien, obviously :-)

Anonymous said...

This is so very sad!!! It is also a case of animal cruelty!!! You can get arrested for leaving a dog in a locked car, but not for shooting and killing it???

What is this world coming to???

Matt said...

"Somebody has been contemplating Tolkien, obviously :-)"

Actually, no. The last I've read Tokien was 3 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same police department that arrested that elderly lady for keeping a kid's football, last year?

Wendy Marson said...

You'll never get elected to anything Chris. You tell it like it is too well, you're too honest :)

Luis Cotovio said...

I agree with you, Chris. There are a lot of good men and women in law enforcement. It's a pity that some rotten apples still manage to get into their ranks. These two are total jackasses. They were probably the school bullies that picked on every kid smaller than them, wonder how they managed to get a job at all, let alone as police "officers" (I used quotes because officers they are not). Hope the next dog they cross paths with is a raging Rottweiller that makes them apreciate the value of irony. RIP, Jack.

Anonymous said...

How heartless. Police officers think that their badge allows them to do whatever they want. They are supposed to help us. I know they have to deal with jackasses alot in their line of duty, but that doesn't give them the right to act like jackasses too. Use your brain pigs. Be senseable!! People depend on you to make the best choices. This incidence was stupid. How can two grown officers not be able to handle a little dog. It's ridiculous!! I don't care what they say, there was absolutely no reason for this pet to be killed!! If you officers can't take care of citizens and their pets more sensibly then %$#$&#@@@ all of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Blue Ash Police defend shooting of dog.

I think the Blue Ash Police should be shot and we defend who does it.

Anonymous said...

shouldn't animal control have been called to pick up the dog if he were loose?? I can imagine the fear that dog was going through when these monsters in uniform were tasering him!!! I hope the wounds become infected and the officer loses his gun hand!!! What a monster!

Family Outraged After Officer Shoots Their Dog

what a country - 6:33 PM
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In Texas they thase 72 year old great-grand Mas; at Your place they shoot Chihuahua dogs(with 3 bullets) on their porch....Those are our uniformed heroes !!!! WOW What-a-country,what-a-democracy!!!

Anonymous said...

if they cant handle a little 5pound dog, how are they going to handle a 200pound drunk man.

i swear the blue ash police department is out to get everyone for no reason and now a little dog

warren said...

Follow up and understand the incompetant reporting going on, it was a 20 pound Jack Russell mutt, the picture is obviously a family furnished puppy picture of years ago, that is NOT a 5 year old dog. Also, the police were apparently called as a jogger had already been bitten by this dog. True, the police did not do a good job of catching the dog but one must consider, a 20 pound irate terrier will literally tear you up.


Anonymous said...

You must first realize how terrified, frightened, and in a total state of panic the Police Officer must have been. After all a 5-pound Chihuahua was barking at the Officer this is enough to through anyone into a state of shear terror. I can only image standing in front of a 5 pound Chihuahua which most likely was a trained attack puppy and only having a 9mm semi auto pistol and a taster. The cop knew he would never make it to the patrol car to get the shotgun and hand grenades. All he could do is use every weapon he had to stop the viscous puppy before it tore him apart. God only knows what would have happened of the family had a kitten at home. The Blue Ash police need more target practice, maybe like small kids or old people.
Resident of Blue Ash

Witchy said...

This is an abomination! A police officer shoots a 5 pound dog. This police department should be not only ashamed but also fire the officer immediately as he is not capable of making intelligent decisions in a stressful situation.

I would be afraid to move to Blue Ash. I would fear for the safety of my pets and small children around the police force there as they are obviously not trained correctly in police procedure.

Hopefully PETA will become involved in this pitiful situation and demand the termination of employment of this idiot cop who shot the little dog. And should be banned from every donut shop in town!

Marcia Porter
New Port Richey, FL

Anonymous said...

"But then there are the "cops" that have no business at all being in a uniform with a badge and a gun. And these Blue Ash Police exemplify that." thats Blue ash alright. i have lived there for about 6 years and all they have done is harrased my family. Blue ash is also under investigation for stealing money from the city they just got like 5 new squad cars

Anonymous said...

sounds like the pigs in Blue Ash are dirty rotten pigs.if they would of shot my dog i would of shot them.not even hesitated.hope the family sues the pants off all involed in this murder. rot in hell pigs from Blue ASh.

Anonymous said...

i can not imagine how betrayed this family feels. these are the people we pay to protect us and our families. you dont corner an animal you dont know or one that is in a paniced state how do these grown trained men not know this. the way the whole thing was handled is just wrong. where was the dog warren? im sure if they asked a neighbor the owners couldve been called and im sure wouldve came home to get their dog. 2 years ago i rolled my car into a fence. i was pinned between the consol and a part of the fence that had came through the windsheild. i had my 2year old 80 pound weimaraner with me who was pinned under me there was blood everywhere n glass. before i called 911 i called my father n vet to come get my dog. cops get there and she is barking (no teeth, not a mean bark, just a bark) they are screaming at me that if i cant controll my dog they are going to shot it. im bleeding and both of us are pinned and these asshole have their guns pulled. my father pulls up and lets just say he did more to help me along with some random who stoped then the "cops".