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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Just finished watching THERE WILL BE BLOOD

An excellent movie! This is no doubt the greatest - and most mesmerizing and evil - performance that Daniel Day-Lewis has ever given. From the very first scenes (incredibly and as testament to its powerful story, There Will Be Blood goes almost fifteen minutes before a single word is spoken) I was gripped by writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson's tale of greed, corruption, paranoia, religion gone wrong, madness and ultimate ruin.

I'll definitely be buying the DVD for my permanent collection! But it's gonna be a long time before I probably want to go to a bowling alley again...


Lee Shelton said...

Chris, did you ever see the alternate ending to There Will Be Blood? You can view it here.

Chris Knight said...

Oh man, that's HILARIOUS! The movie should have really ended like that!! :-)

Matt said...

I just watched that movie yesterday. Such a marvelous film. I really wish Hollywood would make more films like this.

Daniel Day-Lewis needs to be the Joker.