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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

DJ & THE FRO will mock my commercial on MTV!

Earlier this evening the good folks at MTV sent along word that their new show DJ & The Fro will be premiering on June 15th (just less than two weeks from tonight). It's a new animated show that in the words of its creators...
Deep in the soul-crushing cubicle maze of Oppercon Industries sit DJ & The Fro, two 20-something slackers who spend their days blowing off work while they find and mock the sickest and most hilarious videos ever to grace the Internet.

What Beavis & Butthead were to the music video generation, DJ & The Fro are to the YouTube generation. They find the best web videos and make jokes about them so you don't have to.

When they're not watching videos, DJ & Fro kill time by doing things like blackmailing pedophiles into doing their work for them, drinking the breast milk of a co-worker, stalking alpacas and sexually harassing one another. Work at Oppercon Industries is a mere distraction from their true passion: being idiots.

And what will be among the first of the videos that DJ and Fro will be wasting their time watching?

None other than my "Star Wars"-ish campaign commercial from when I ran for Rockingham County Board of Education in 2006.

If this is gonna be anything like Beavis and Butthead, then I was already gonna be tuning in. Can't wait to see what they do with my ad :-)