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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

TETRIS turns 25

About the same time in 1984 when the video game industry was crashing in the west, a computer scientist named Alexey Pajitnov was busy playing with his first computer at the Soviet Academy of Sciences in Moscow... and wound up creating one of the most classic - and addictive - games ever.

The Guardian has a great story about Tetris on the occasion of its twenty-fifth anniversary. Among the highlights: how Pajitnov came up with the concept, the tale of how this communist-era game became a capitalist's dream product, and how Tetris has inspired everything from architecture to conspiracy theories.


Ju said...

Tetris is popular because it has been proven to reduce stress and enhance brain power. The most notable was a UK study showed tetris helped people that were victims of trauma reduce flashbacks.

As a Reuters article clearly points out, there is a huge amount of violence in today's video games and Tetris is the opposite.

It's amazing how many people playing now. Must see, http://tinyurl.com/r97xna