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Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Weird Al" Yankovic channels Jim Morrison in "Craigslist"!

It came out last week and I haven't been able to post about it 'cuz I've been out of town since then (maybe it's time to finally get a laptop?) but "Weird Al" Yankovic has done it again. His latest release "Craigslist" is about the (in)famous classified ads website, done in the style of Jim Morrison and The Doors. It is hilarious and Al even got Ray Manzarek to do the keyboards for the song!

Click here for the "Craigslist" music video on Al's YouTube channel, which also includes links where you can buy the song from iTunes and other online outlets.


AfterShock said...

This is just an awesome style-parody from Al. He has outdone himself once again. The video is great too - very psychedelic... :)