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Monday, June 15, 2009

Twitter making Internet news finally come into its own right now in Iran

Twenty years ago this month, the broadcast of the crackdown on the pro-democracy protesters in Beijing by the Chinese government was widely hailed as the moment that international television news coverage like that of CNN became a serious factor at long last.

That was CNN in 1989.

In 2009 it is Twitter, of all things, that is marking the end of television's dominance of the news.

Here's the Twitter feed for most of the "tweets" about what's going down in Iran. At this hour there's a massive rally in Tehran by anti-Ahmedinejad protesters. The police have opened fire and killed at least one person. Just about everything we know about all this is coming from regular people who are sending live reports via Twitter.

Remember this well, folks. June 2009 is when people in Iran took hold of the power of "you media" and played it to the hilt. This is real revolution in more ways than one happening at this moment.

I hope this kind of exuberance spreads to more countries. Including my own :-)

EDIT 2:12 p.m. EST: I made a link to this blog post on the same Twitter feed (#iranelection) and right now, The Knight Shift is getting SLAMMED with more international visits than I have ever seen in the five-plus years of this blog's operation (along with quite a few folks from across the United States).

So a hearty hello to everyone who's finding their way here this afternoon, and here's raising up some thoughts and prayers for our friends in Iran who are taking their destiny into their own hands. May they be an inspiration for us all!


bondservant said...


Will you please go to this blog and give the post from your blog when Johnny first announced on Nathan's blog that he was to defeat and destroy.

Here is the link: This is not Nathan's blog but another using the same exact heading.


Anonymous said...

Then copy it to my blog and forward to Twitter. Please do a video capture of the blogging and post to Youtube and send the link to my Blackberry. Let me know it's there on Facebook and Myspace in case I leave my Blackberry at home. Thanks !! See you on the gaming site !!! Text me later.

Anonymous said...

may I join you guys on the gaming site?

William said...

Chris: I generally agree with you, however, I tend to doubt that what we are seeing in Iran is a "revolution of the people". Instead, it looks more like an attempt to reinstall the Shah or someone like the Shah. Think about it: is it really that hard to believe that the CIA would be trying to destabilize Iran to put a ruler more friendly to the US in place? It happened in 1953.

After all the saber rattling by the US and Israel, I find it extremely unlikely that this is a spontaneous revolution.

bondservant said...

Chris, here is the link to my blog I have up now.


bondservant said...

Here is the link. Hope you are doing well.