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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm getting #@&% sick and tired of EVONY ads!!

Whoever is responsible for all of those #@&% banner ads for Evony needs to be dragged out into the street and shot hung from the nearest telephone pole by his circular reproductive units with piano wire.


No, I haven't played this game. But I have heard from numerous sources that it is terrible. And the thing about Evony being "free forever" is a fraud: to achive anything in the game will likely microtransaction you into bankruptcy.

But that hasn't stopped the developers of Evony from running a publicity campaign that could be called full-bore faulty advertising, if not increasingly desperate. There is no "queen" to save (nor is there "your lover", My Lord).

I have tried numerous times to keep the Evony ads from popping up on this blog. They keep creeping in, like so many filthy cockroaches...

Want to see how badly the idiots behind Evony want you to play their cruddy game? Hit here, My Lord, for a gallery of Evony ads and watch how the raciness has escalated throughout this past summer.


Lee Shelton said...

Seems you and I were thinking the exact same thing at about the same time yesterday.

Jane Foster said...

I am one of those Seventh Day Adventist and was not reared in an SDA home. But I know with all my heart after a personal experience that this is the church for me and I believe the 10 commandments are for all of us. Going to church on the Sabbath or keeping the 10 commandments won't save anyone. But when we love God we love His law and His word and want to serve Him the way He says. God bless you and may you sincerely contemplate these things with the Holy Spirit teaching you the truth.