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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Climate data was DUMPED, East Anglia scientists admit

"Climategate" is a little over a week old but already is gaining steam faster than most scandals. Curiously most of the "mainstream press" has yet to pick up on it. Out of embarrassment, perhaps?

Well, this next item of news related to last week's leaking of confidential material from the Climate Research Unit outta raise ire even more: scientists at University East Anglia are now confessing to disposing of ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS worth of climate data! There is now no raw data to analyze and determine if there has been any real global warming... or global cooling for that matter.

What the hell kind of researchers throws away a century and a half of raw data upon which their studies are based? That's like a courtroom prosecutor chucking out all the evidence in the hopes that a jury will simply take him at his word that the defendant on trial is a serial murderer.

(Methinks that while we're using legal metaphor, that there is becoming a growing body of proof that "scientists" worldwide have been engaging in a gross act of scheming to defraud in the first degree.)

Seriously: how much storage is required to contain all that data? A regular 500 gigabyte hard drive like the kind probably in your computer? Likely not even that much. So they can't excuse this away by claiming that there "wasn't enough room" to keep the raw data. The CRU eggheads have a lotta 'splainin' to do...


Anonymous said...

So you're saying that a world-wide group of scientists got together and conspired to promote the idea of global warming although they know it's a false theory? Just making sure. Curious ... what is their motive? Also, the major news agencies are not reporting this because they're "embarrassed"? Again, just checking.


Chris Knight said...

The four word answer to your questions is...

"Always follow the money."

Anonymous said...

Do you have something specific in mind or is this just generic Third World Order stuff ?


Chris Knight said...

Nothing so paranoid. Just an understanding of the lesser angels of human nature (namely greed, the desire to exploit, the lust for power over others, etc.)

The scientists at CRU have admitted that they dumped more than 150 years of data. Surely you and anybody else must see the problem here. Particularly if major policies and legislation - both domestically and in other countries - is being based not just on flawed data but on now non-existent data!

In one week we have gone from "An Inconvenient Truth" to "A Convenient Fraud".

Lee Shelton said...

Was communism a conspiracy? You don't have to be a NWO conspiracy nut to realize that people with similar ideologies tend to band together.

There is power and money in this climate change nonsense. Sweeping legislation has been passed in numerous countries. Even the UN is involved. Countless researchers, companies, and non-profit organizations have received billions of public dollars in the name of fighting climate change. I'd say it's more of a bandwagon than a conspiracy.