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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where is THE ROAD?!? Help me find it!

A few days ago The Road, the film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's bestselling novel, premiered. I've been looking forward to this movie ever since reading the book over the summer. But Alas! I am scanning the local horizon like crazy and The Road is nowhere to be found within a 100 mile radius of here.

So I'm gonna turn to this blog's loyal readers (all two of them and maybe others?) to help me out, 'cuz I am bound and determined to see The Road as soon as I can. If you know of any theater in North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, heck maybe even Georgia and eastern Tennessee, that is currently running The Road, e-mail me at theknightshift@gmail.com and please lemme know where it can be located at. I'm seriously looking forward to watching this film (and writin' a review of it 'course :-)!


Anonymous said...

Apparently, according to Moviefone, a theater in Fairfax, Virginia is showing it.

-Drew M.

Tony Collett said...

I check www.zap2it.com to find movie showtimes by zip code. I looked up Wilmington, NC, but I couldn't find any theatres near you. You might try another zip code.
I would suggest waiting until it plays at a theatre closer to you, but since I've taken road trips to Chicago (180 miles) to see Lost in Translation and Princess Mononoke in the past, I'll just say I hope you find one you can get to.