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Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Last night was our first full dress rehearsal for Theatre Guild of Rockingham County's production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. We've got three days 'til the show opens, but really it's two days for the cast and crew 'cuz on Thursday we do something like four or five shows for the county's elementary students...

...and I hope I can keep up the pace 'cuz I'm wearing what many are saying is the heaviest costume in Theatre Guild history! Yesterday evening I wore the full firefighter getup again, plus a real oxygen pack on my back. That's something like one hundred pounds of costume that I've got to put on and charge up onto the stage in. But the story and the message of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is so touching (not to mention entertaining) and this is such an amazing bunch of people that I'm getting to work with, that I'd gladly do this five times a day between now and Christmas :-)

Anyhoo, since we're getting so close to the show, how 'bout some photos to whet yer appetite for Christmastime community theater?

They're the meanest kids in the entire town: The Herdmans (Left to Right: Aaron Boles as Claude, Jared Brown as Ollie, Donna Owens as Gladys, Peggy Wasmund as Imogene, Nathan Tolodziecki as Ralph)

Bob Bradley (Tony Hummel) reacts to hearing about this year's church Christmas pageant from daughter Beth (Faith Jones), son Charlie (Logan Brown) and wife Grace (Jessica Gray)

Charlie (Logan Brown) brags to Leroy (Deuce Mills) and sets into motion a chain of events that will astound the entire community.

Mrs. Armstrong (Arlean Christman) can't believe what she's hearing!

One of the Firemen (Chris Knight) tries to no avail to calm down a hysterical Mrs. McCarthy (Tish Owens).

Grace (Jessica Gray) and Reverent Hopkins (Eric Smith) share their concerns that this could very well be the worst Christmas pageant ever.

Click here for more information at the Theatre Guild of Rockingham County website!