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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Disney to remake THE BLACK HOLE

Disney's 1979 science-fiction space oddity The Black Hole is one of those "guilty pleasure" films for me. On one hand there are things like the U.S.S. Cygnus (my all time favorite design for a sci-fi spaceship) and then there are the multitudinous violations of physics and other scientific impossibilities (running around on the outside of a spaceship without suits and oxygen? Ummmmm...).

And now Disney is getting ready to "reinvent" The Black Hole. Aim here for the details from TheHollywoodReporter.com.

The Black Hole was Disney's first foray into "serious" storytelling beyond the G rating (meriting a PG instead). If the same film had been made today it might have well been a PG-13. The Black Hole was also Disney's first movie that literally sent small kids seeking therapy. Those cute lil' robots voiced by Roddy McDowell and Slim Pickens? Yeah, just let them weave their seductive Artoo-ish spell, while red robot Maximilian (another favorite design) looms silently over them. And then the themes of slavery and obsession that build up to that horrifying crescendo, before the trips to Heaven and Hell...

What in the world was Disney thinking?

Here's the ending sequence from The Black Hole. If you've never seen this before it will probably shock you that Disney in 1979 produced this movie, much less envisioned it to begin with...

"More light."


Blueprint Baby said...

OK, I've actually seen this and it was AWFUL and not a kids movie. My kids were like, "What?!" But it will be a great remake since we've moved beyond cardboard and aluminum foil robots!