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Friday, January 29, 2010

New vocabulary term: "Update Creep"

Longtime readers of this blog (all two of them) know that from time to time I come up with new terminology for things that don't yet have a name. Like two years ago when I defined "Hell Époque". Sorta like Rich Hall's "Snigglets" of HBO's Not Necessarily the News years ago... 'cept mine aren't for humor's sake.

Add another one tonight: "Update Creep".

I hit upon it after finishing an update of the security suite software on my computer. The update completed at 6 p.m. tonight... and it's taken me almost four hours to get everything back working on my 'puter the way I'm used to!

So what is update creep?

Update Creep: (noun) The long-term tendency of computer software to gradually evolve into a radically different product through a process of consistent updates and professed "improvements".
I guess Microsoft Windows could be the best example that one could cite of update creep, but it could happen to any software package. Even video games. The Super Mario Bros. series comes to mind but that's one instance where the update creep has still maintained the spirit of the original game.

At least now I can visit my own blog without my security suite asking if it's safe for children (Good Lord, I hope it is! :-P)