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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Robertson the Lesser is all kinds of incoherent tonight (and PROVES that Methodists, Presbyterians and Catholics are biblical!)

Yah, talking about Micah Robertson, son of local cult leader Johnny Robertson of the so-called "Martinsville Church of Christ". Someone sent me an e-mail saying that Robertson the Lesser was doing daddy's show tonight (why is it that Micah seems so ashamed to acknowledge that Johnny is his father?) and I was about to work on a video project and needed some background noise, so I dialed up the Martinsville feed of WGSR for chuckles.

Even while busy authoring a DVD, I was able to poke tons of holes in Robertson the Lesser's alleged "presentation".

First of all, I'm not at all convinced that Micah Robertson is completely confident in what he professes to believe. The guy comes across as too nervous, too insecure. He drones on and on like a monotone robot.

Well, when I tuned in Micah Robertson was claiming that pianos and guitars were carved idols and shouldn't be brought into churches. Ummm... ohhhkaaaaay...

Then a little later on Micah Robertson condemned churches that vote on memberships, saying that it's not scriptural. He then immediately followed that up by talking about how his so-called "Church of Christ" denies the Lord's Supper to those who the church believes doesn't deserve it. How is that at all NOT judging someone as being unworthy of fellowship?! Heck, even if there's not much scriptural basis for voting on church membership, what Johnny Robertson and his cult are doing is worse and even more un-biblical!

But as outrageous as that is, that's nothing compared to what took place a few minutes earlier, when Micah Robertson himself demonstrated that the Methodist churches, the Presbyterian churches and the Roman Catholic churches are scriptural and how his own "Church of Christ" is not!

Robertson the Lesser was using some Old Testament verses out of context to build up his cult's usual twisted case for legalism. As is often the case, this involves water baptism, without which the cult believes one is going to Hell (but you're probably going to go to Hell anyway).

And then Micah Robertson cited Ezekiel 36:25.

What does Ezekiel 36:25 say, per the King James Version that Robertson quoted from?

"Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean: from all your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse you."
WHOA!!! "SPRINKLE" water?! You mean it DOESN'T have to be full immersion in water in order for one to be "clean"?!

That is what the Bible says, folks.

Now, who among our brethren in Christ are most known for sprinkling water? The Methodists, the Presbyterians and the Roman Catholics come most to mind, and there are a number of others.

In fact, nowhere in scripture are we told that a person must be dunked at all. We're told that people "came up" from the water, but that could mean any number of things.

The only logical conclusion, if we are adhering to a strict interpretation of scripture, is that Micah Robertson has proven tonight, if nothing else, that his own church is not biblical and has instead shown that Methodist, Presbyterians and Catholics are on very firm scriptural foundation. No doubt he didn't mean to, but hey: God can even work through the foolish.

I would say that I'm waiting for that $5,000 check from Johnny Robertson for showing how his son has proven that "denominations" are in the Bible, but I'm not gonna hold my breath...


Anonymous said...

Great catch Chris!

Chris Knight said...

"Great catch Chris!"

No, not at all. It was too easy. Way too easy.

If nothing else, it proves that this cult has nothing substantially more to boast of than anyone else.

I've said before that I believe that *everyone* has the right to seek God as best he or she can understand Him. I absolutely believe that and I will *certainly* say that Johnny Robertson and his followers have that right as well. If they want to hold to beliefs that others consider to be downright screwy, well that's their right...

...but that right ends where the rights of others to also seek God begins.

What enticed me to tune in most is when I was notified that Micah Robertson was showing footage (from a hidden video camera again, no doubt) of him and other cult members harassing innocent people, like a lady at the mall. And later on Micah Robertson said he and others were going to be giving their "business" to Cathedral of His Glory in Greensboro.

Johnny Robertson is a more wicked cult leader than Jim Jones or David Koresh. You never heard of either of those two going into churches to harass people. The Robertson-led cult has no such compunctions.

By the way, one of them is being unfaithful to his wife.

And I know who it is.

And I know with whom as well.

me203a said...

There is adultery in the Church of Christ but not divorce. Johnny knows this. There is more than anyone outside knows. Draw your own conclusion.

Chris Knight said...

Everyone who's been keeping track of things with this cult could easily draw the same conclusion, I'm led to say.

But let's bear in mind that Robertson, Oldfield etc. are not typical of the real Churches of Christ at all. They represent the most radical fringe element of what is already a radical splinter sect from the mainstream Churches of Christ.

Here is what a legitimate Church of Christ minister recently shared with me...

"Mr. Johnny Robertson is an arrogant so called preacher of the Church Of Christ.
Friends, many of us are Ministers of the Church Of Christ and we would never behave in this matter, I can assure you on that!

"Some of us feel that he has been paid of to mock the Church Of Christ so many may believe that we all think and preach like this guy!
There are many Churches Of Christ with different Doctrine, like many Baptist Churches have it."

So according to at least one Church of Christ minister, Johnny Robertson may be a "double agent" who is actually working against the real Churches of Christ.

I've heard stranger things that turned out to be true. Who knows: maybe someone out there with a beef against the Churches of Christ is paying Robertson all those millions of dollars to buy airtime on a television station (run by a convicted felon and worse, trust me) consisting of shoddy PowerPoint presentations, chronic lying and psychopathic antics.

Anonymous said...

You should have been watching the night Micah boasted about "not serving the Lord's Supper to someone who is not one of 'the brethren'."

A man immediately called and asked Micah if he remembered a Sunday some weeks earlier, in which Micah himself served communion to those in attendance. The man then described himself, and Micah claimed to remember him. The caller then told Micah that he was a Baptist, and had never been baptized in a COCINO congregation.

Micah turned three shades of green all at once, then stuttered and stammered for nearly a minute until Mark McMinnis took control and "rescued his brother" by changing the subject.

I'm really surprised that he's broaching the subject again after that experience, but I guess it's so. Some people learn from their mistakes , . . some people don't.

A "Review" Reviewer

Eric H. Smith said...

You left out Moravian's Chris. We don't dunk either.

Todd W in NC said...

I was going to say the thing, but Eric beat me to it.

I didn't realize so many other denominations sprinkle too. I thought Moravians were more alone in that respect.

Do those other denominations truly sprinkle, or do some denominations pour water? I always thought those were the three main methods: dunk, pour, and sprinkle.

From my experience & observation, Moravian baptism involves the pastor placing his fingers in water and placing his hand on the communicant's head once for each member of the Trinity. Not sure if that's what other denominations consider sprinkling.

To me, baptism is a purely symbolic act, so as long as water is involved, that's good enough.

Does anyone seriously follow the teachings of these jokers on TV, or do people just watch it the way one would watch Maury Povich or Jerry Springer? It sounds like they can't keep their stories straight.