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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

BIOSHOCK 2 is making Chris cry

BioShock 2 went on sale yesterday. I was in line at midnight on Monday evening at the local GameStop to get my copy. I'm still early in the game but it is wildly exceeding my expectations!! There'll be a full review of it up as soon as I finish the game.


...Can somebody PLEASE tell me HOW in the world can I beat the Big Sister?!?

The first Big Daddy that you meet in the game, I was able to take him out easily (probably 'cuz after playing BioShock no less than seven times it had become old hat and I not only knew the tricks but was able to adapt BioShock 2's new weapons to those tactics). And I've got my first Little Sister to harvest the ADAM (which took considerably longer 'cuz those Splicers were coming at us like there was no tomorrow).

Well, I've been stuck in the museum for several hours now because of that Big Sister. She is whipping my butt like no nemesis I've ever fought in a video game.

So I'm putting the call out to anyone who's gotten lucky. All I'm asking is for the best strategy to taking out the Big Sister. Nothing more than that.

If you've gotten past this... thing, feel free to post how you dunnit as a comment :-)


Matt said...

Rivet gun. Heavy ammo. Go between electricity for stun and incinerate when she is over oil. Go for the head when she is stunned.

I did this on Hard, with me not using Vita Chamber. If I can do it, so can you!

Chris Knight said...

Matt, it worked!! :-) THANK YOU! Although I must say you are the better player because I'm playing on Medium difficulty, with the Vita Chambers turned on.

And the Big Sister killed me once, when she had one tick of life left to her. Usually whenever I die I go to the last save and fight again *without* having to use the Vita Chambers, but I wasn't going to let this slip by so close (and I figure at least one Vita Chamber use per game is fine :-)

By the way, is it just me or is Incinerate *much* more fun in this game than the original? Or am I just being sadistic? :-P