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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"The Substitute": Reaction to tonight's LOST

Anyone else go "Ewwwww..." when they saw that spider creeping off of dead Locke's face?

I thought last week's episode, "What Kate Does", better than many have given it credit for. Tonight's episode of Lost, "The Substitute", was all-around solid and oughtta placate darn near everybody. 'Twas great to see the dynamic between Sawyer and Locke again (even though Sawyer knew pretty much immediately that it wasn't the real Locke). I think that tonight's show also answered many questions about the lists and the numbers (even though we still don't know what the numbers are supposed to mean).

One thing that's starting to bug me though is the deal about the "flashsideways". We're three episodes into the final season and we barely know anything about what's going on with them. Hope this starts to get addressed soon.

I'll give "The Substitute" an 8.5 out of 10. And I might even resolve that higher the more I think about it.


Danny de Gracia said...

Lol. I would have tripped if Tom Berenger made a cameo on Lost for "The Substitute" XD


SecondComingOfBast said...

The flashsideways should be taking place what, two, three years in the past? I'm not clear on how time is measured in this show from when they first arrived on the island until now. But however long ago, be it one, two, three years, whatever, obviously what you are seeing in the flashsideways isn't what is going on concurrently on the island, right "now", so to speak. Obviously, there will have to be a convergence of the two parallel realities at one point or another, though its impossible to predict how it will happen.

Anonymous said...

The numbers are the Valenzetti Equation, and now it appears that certain members of oceanic 815 are the physical manifestation of those numbers.

Todd W in NC said...

Pagan Temple, the events we're seeing in the on-island timeline are in 2007. The events of the alternate/parallel/off-island timeline are in 2004.

The really odd thing is that the plane crashed on 22 September 2004 in the original timeline. In the 2nd timeline, the date on Claire's ultrasound, taken what appears to be the same day as the landing of 815, is 10/22/04 -- one month after the plane crashed the first time around.