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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Commodore 64 is back... and better than ever!

Back in the day a lot of us cut our computin' teeth on the Commodore 64. First appearing on the market in 1982, 14 million Commodore 64s were sold before the line was finally retired twelve years later. My sister had one. How good was it? I would often trade time on my Nintendo Entertainment System for a turn on her Commodore 64 (usually to play games like Aliens, still one of the best video game adaptations of a motion picture that I've ever seen). And for bunches of people, the Commodore 64 was their first entry into what became known as the Internet, via services like CompuServe and America Online.

So if you're one of the old-skool fans of this snazzy lil' system, you'll be excited to know that come June you'll be able to purchase the heavily revamped Commodore 64: packing a wazoo of new features in practically the same classic look. The all-in-one unit (except for the monitor) boasts up to 500 gigabytes of hard drive, 4 gigabytes of RAM. The "64" in C-64 2.0 stands for the Intel 64-bit quad-core processors driving the thing, which will also give the new Commodore 64 the capability for 3D graphics. Also built into the unit are a DVD-RW drive, four USB ports, a touchpad, a gigabit Ethernet port, and a DVI port to hook up to a monitor. It'll also run Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (that alone will guarantee some handsome sales among the geeky set).

I might have to get one of these. 'Twould be a lot of fun just to play a game like Fallout 3 on it :-)


Matt said...

Okay, but how is it any different from a regular desktop computer?

Chris Knight said...

No different. But it's a Commodore 64, dude! Show some respect!! :-P

Matt the Elder said...

If they'll sell it for what a C-64 sold for in 1982 they will OWN the computer market.

AfterShock said...

If they can sell it for what the original C-64 sold for, I would gladly pony up the dough for it. It may max out at 4GB RAM, but that would be plenty for most of what I do. And even the dual-cores it could come with outclass my AGING Pentium 4HT. :)